Good Ways to Stay Warm in Wintertime

snow top mountain under clear sky
Photo by Stephan Seeber on

The holidays are right around the corner, and everything looks like it belongs in a stunning little snow globe. But when you live in a small town right outside of Chicago, winter starts to look more like being trapped in a terrifying, cold, nightmare. Here are some of my personal favorite ways to stay warm when its cold outside.

  • Wear light layers! If you wear heavy sweatshirts on top of heavy jackets, you will not be able to move easily and you might end up getting hot if you go inside. When you wear light layers like t-shirts and long sleeve shirts, you wont get too hot or too cold.
  • Always make sure you wear socks! It sounds very silly, but for some reason when your fingers and toes are cold, the rest of your body is just as cold.
  • Never go outside with wet hair. My grandmother would always yell at me when I went outside with wet hair, but she was always right about it. Every single time I ended up getting a cold, or worse, the Flu.
  • Finally, sleep with at least 2 blankets. That way in the middle of the night when it is coldest, you will not be lying in bed freezing your butt off.

These are the best things (in my opinion) to do when you are cold! Thank you so much for reading.

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