Long Time, No Talk: Update

img_0426Hello Everyone!! I am so so sorry I haven´t written anything in, lets face it, forever. My life has been crazy these past few months with finals, having family visit, and getting to see my best friend who goes to boarding school in Connecticut!! Well since I haven written in so long, I figured it would be best to write an update on my life.

Finals; we all hate them, but luckily i passed all of mine! The lowest grade I got on one was an 86 percent, but it was for AP physics so I am proud of myself. Freshman year I stressed out so much over my finals and it made me lose lots of needed sleep for no good reason. This year, I focused my time on all of my classes I had a border grade in or I was really nervous about a test in. It helped me so much and by the time finals week arrived, I was so prepared for all of my test that I got at least 9 hours of sleep every night!

Christmas Break; My break was amazing this year, I got to see family and friends I normally don’t get to see and my family that I see daily got even closer through our holiday traditions. On the first few days of my break I mainly hung out with friends and went to cheer practice. But on Christmas Eve me, my parents, and my grandparents on both side of my family went out for a nice dinner and spent time together as a family, we laughed, talked, and ate amazing food together which we have not done in an extremely long time. On Christmas, me and my Mom´s side of the family spent the morning eating breakfast, and opening gifts together. Once all of the morning activities were done I had to go lie on my bed and ice my shins while my mom and grandma started to get ready to cook dinner.

Cheerleading; My team does not stop practicing and competing over winter break, I had 3-5 practices per week and I even had to compete the weekend before I went back to school! Luckily it was all worth it, my team got first at our competition and are so far (Knock on wood) Undefeated!! The pain and commitment is all worth it to get to share such amazing moments with your 19 teammates.

New Years resolutions; This year, I decided I am giving up soda and fast food as my resolution and so far it is working out! I don´t miss soda at all but I do miss chicken nuggets and waffle fries a little bit, but I hope I don break because cutting these out of my life is making me feel so much lighter on my feet and just mentally happier.

Thank you all for reading about my boring life, I hope to soon have more interesting updates and blogs but right now my life is not that crazy!!

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