Rainy thoughts on a Monday night

silver suv on asphalt road during rain
Photo by Arun Thomas on Pexels.com

Hello Beautiful People!!

My life, has been absolutely INSANE. School has been a whirlwind and I now spend my nights writing articles and editing for my school paper. I decided to try out for my school’s production of Grease, and now I have to learn so much choreography it could make your head spin.

Enough about why I suck at posting, I am here to talk about something else. Rain. It makes people question their entire lives. Growing up, I always hated rain, I loved relaxing in the sun, and snow always made me happy. But rain? It was my least favorite weather predicament to be stuck in. I would always make the most of it, and even sometimes I would even have fun dancing in the rain, but I would always go back to hiding under my bed in a thunderstorm.

One night about a year ago, their was a pretty nasty thunderstorm that hit my tiny little town. It was bad, trees fell down, and the canal that runs through town got flooded. I had been trying to focus on finishing a Lab Report for my Honors Biology class when suddenly, I broke down. That night, I realized that all my hopes and dreams, they would never work themselves out. I had spent my entire life dreaming of going into a STEM career and setting the world on fire.

Now, a year later, I am sitting on my bed, thinking about how much better my life has become now that I focused on my writing. I am not perfect by any means but my style has gotten much better and now I do not cringe when I read my articles or essays. (I still do when I read my blog posts, have not gotten the hang of things yet) While I still mourn the loss of my passion for science, which I sobbed in the car about today. There is a part of myself that knows my writing can set the world on fire in its own way.

Sorry if this got sappy, moral of my little story time is… Rain can make you think crazy, but amazing, things.



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