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Look on the news, all you see is death, war, poverty, and terror. Our world is filled with horrible things, and yet, we are expected to stay positive through it all. On top of what’s going on around us, we also have to deal with our own lives, and lets face it, High School is not the happiest place on Earth. Here are some of the ways I stay positive, even when it feels like life is throwing me to the ground.

Being happy and being positive are extremely different things, while being happy is a long-term goal. Sometimes happiness seems very far away. I like to look at the little moments that make everything seem better. This makes me think, that soon, those little moments will be what my life consists of!

Another thing I like to do is make lists. I normally make them at the start of each month, filled with things I am looking forward too! Once the month is over, I look back on the list and think about how lucky I am to be able to do those things.

Finally, I like to open my eyes and look at the people around me. While your friend “group” may take you for granted, or you feel like nobody understands you. I can promise that there is someone who loves and cares about you. Focus your attention on the people who love you, not the people who bring you down.