img_0793All over social media, we see these cute tips how to help yourself. They say things like “Wear a face mask” or “Make yourself some yummy avocado toast”. While these things are nice, they don’t truly help someone who is struggling. Here are some not so cute tips.

  1.  Take a shower, you don’t need to use fancy shower gels or a bath bomb. You just need to use some basic soap and whatever shampoo and conditioner you have in your bathroom. It makes you feel so much better.
  2. Change your clothes, trust me. Wearing the same clothes for 3-5 days straight makes you feel absolutely horrible. You don’t need to put on anything special, just change into whatever you feel comfortable in.
  3. Brush your teeth, if your breath smells, then you won’t want to do anything. It takes three minutes to get up, and brush your teeth. It’s a good first step to going out and doing something.
  4. Clean up your room. You do not need to organize everything and make it look pretty. Just pick up your clothes from the floor. You will feel organized and refreshed afterwards.
  5. Eat some food. I like to eat toast with peanut butter and honey when I am feeling upset. But anything works! Just eating something small will make you feel less horrible and happier.

I hope you all enjoy my tips!! These are not meant to be cute, they are meant to help you if you are drowning.