Why you need to hear the things you don’t want to hear.

down angle photography of red clouds and blue sky
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

Everyone hates being criticized, you can try and say “no I understand it! I’m perfectly fine with it!” but we all know you hate it. It is the worst feeling in the world for someone to point out a flaw.  This is why I think that we need to hear these things.

We are constantly attempting to improve and grow. It is what we strive for in our lives. If we stay in the same spot our entire life, we will be dissatisfied with our journey. I believe that to grow as humans, we must face our flaws and attempt to fix them..

I think the reason we get so upset when someone tells us our flaws is because those are our friends. They are our mentors, people we look up to. We don’t want them to think poorly of us or look down on us. What we don’t understand is that they are really only trying to help us out, not tear us down.

Another reason might be the fact we don’t being face to face with our flaws. I know from personal experience that I am embarrassed whenever someone tells me I am being loud or annoying. Someone pointing out that I am screaming when we are in a quiet room will only help me, even if I don’t want to be faced with that flaw.

Even though we all hate it, sometimes you need to hear the negative about yourself, or else you might never learn to grow.


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