Hello everyone! I am trying something completely new this month, I am making a monthly playlist! I have no idea if I will do this every month but it seemed really fun to try this month. I hope you all enjoy!

Good Girls Go Bad- Cobra Starship: This song is super upbeat and perfect to jam out in your room while singing to your bet, or belting the lyrics with your friends in the car, this song is really special to me because my freshman year, my cheer team would sing this song on bus rides to games and competitions.

Location- Khalid: Since I live in Chicago, and my birthday is August 3rd, Lolla is the best four days of my year (If you don´t know what Lolla is, it is a 4 day long music festival in Grant Park) So of course to get ready, I´ve been jamming out on my playlist filled with Khalid, Tyler The Creator, and Vampire Weekend.

Oxford Comma- Vampire Weekend: Anyone who REALLY knows me knows that Vampire Weekend is my all time favorite band, right next to U2. This song makes me smile whenever it comes up on my playlist, no matter what. I am finally getting the chance to see them this summer and I could not be more excited.

I am so sorry that this is short! I hope you all enjoy!