Books Of The Month: June

Hello everyone! This month I have 2 books that I recommend because sadly, I didn’t get to read much. You would think with me breaking my leg I would have more time on my hands but with work, spending time with friends, my cats constant existence, and prepping for WJMC 2018 (I leave on Friday!) I have not had much free time. I hope you enjoy these 2 books!

  1. Every last word by Tamara Ireland Stone. This book is about a girl named Sam who seems to be your basic popular girl, but in reality she is struggling with OCD and just the fact she can’t be honest with her “friends”. She goes on a journey with someone named Caroline, and becomes more comfortable with not just herself, but dealing with her mental disorder. This story really moved me and helped me come to terms with the fact some friends just will never understand your struggles, but there are always people who may not understand, but will always support you and help you grow and heal as a person.
  2.  As I Saw It by Marvin Scott. I read this book to help me get ready for WJMC, so I could start to see the world like a journalist, and while this book was not my normal style of reading, I learned so much about how a journalist sees not only his research, but the world overall. If you are considering going into a form of communications or even into the arts, I would recommend cracking open this book, you will see the world in a brand new way.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I hope you try one of these books!

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