Hello everyone! As you may or may not know, tonight I am leaving for Washington DC to attend WJMC! I am so excited and honored to be chosen for this once in a lifetime experience, but packing is an absolute nightmare. I am not the most organized person but I do have some tricks up my sleeve to help make packing, and the actual travel, much easier.

  • When packing for something like a conference where you need to have professional/fashionable outfits picked out beforehand, I always say to put your entire outfit in a ziplock bag. While the ziplock bag can be a pain to get all of the air out, it makes it so much easier to get ready quickly, you will not have to decide what is going to look best with what piece cause you already tried on and decided back home! It also makes it less awkward with your underwear not being able to just fall out of your bag for your roommates to see in all of its glory. Plus, then instead of shifting through a bunch of similar colored dresses trying to find a certain dress, you will just go through the clear bags!
  • Laundry soap is your saving grace to fight overpacking. I always use the excuse “what if I get all my stuff dirty?” to get away with bringing an extra 5 outfits when I’m only going to be away for 1 week, this way, if I do get something dirty, that night I can just quickly hand wash the stain out and let it dry! I would still bring one light outfit to carry in your bag for an crazy emergency.
  • Always have something to snack on. This one might sound weird but I feel like whenever I go on a trip without my family I always end up hating the food because it’s disgusting. The last time I went to DC the food kept making me sick, and my mom didn’t let me bring snacks so I ended up not eating anything for 3 days straight. To WJMC I’m bringing an entire bag of banana chips and peanut butter pretzels.
  • My final tip is to always bring a book with you while your traveling. While I can’t read in the car because I always get car sick, I love to read in my free time on vacation. This time I am bringing Into the Wild which I have to read and annotate for AP Lang by the end of the summer. I figured I should read it now so I can get a head start on my essay.

I hope you all find something useful from my tips, I know most people know these things but just incase you didn’t know… well now you know.