Hello everyone! For the next 6 days I will be blogging my amazing experience at WJMC 2018! It is only day 1 and I have already done so many amazing things and met so many amazing people. I forgot to bring my camera to dinner and I kept forgetting to take pictures on my phone so I sadly only have 2 pictures, I promise that for the rest of the week I will have a lot more pictures up!

Before I got to GMU, my parents took me out for breakfast at First Watch, which was amazing, I had the acai bowl with no granola, and a side of their million dollar toast. It was so refreshing and gave me a nice start for my day. The super strong coffee may have also helped me out a little bit there too. After that we were finally off to George Mason!

The first thing I noticed about WJMC is how kind the staff and interns are to the youth correspondents, they are truly trying to make this week an amazing experience and they were so helpful while I was trying to navigate myself to the hub.

Once I unpacked and got dressed for our opening dinner, my friend Jaeden (who I met beforehand on instagram) came to my room and we walked to our color group meeting together.

Once we got to our color group meeting I started to get super nervous, but luckily everyone in my color group is super nice. I made a bunch of friends super fast and I know I´m going to make more friends the rest of this week!

At dinner me and a bunch of people from my color group sat together, we talked, laughed, and ate some amazing food. I had vegetables, pasta, and garlic bread. After dinner we got to hear a speech from senior reporter for the New York Times Mikayla Bouchard.

Mikayla Bouchard´s speech was honestly unlike any speech I have ever heard, normally the educational speeches I get to hear are about the job that person does and what it takes to get that job. Mikayla´s speech was mainly focusing on the first job, and the things you need to decide when looking at that job, as a rising junior, my first ¨job¨ will most likely be an unpaid internship to add onto my belt for the future. It made me feel better to know that while I´m not getting paid, I´m still getting lessons that will help me in the future, and projects that may even get me a real job.

After dinner we had another color group meeting, where we did some icebreakers, talked about networking and ways we can do it, and we perfected our team chant (gotta love the yellow group).

Overall, today was an amazing day, and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.