Hello everyone! It is my 2nd day here at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference at George Mason University and I am having an amazing time. If you haven already, check out my Day 1 blog post!c96a2502-6b27-4e22-bdce-b072fd0891c075b7d891-4994-4521-b740-7f6535289e36Somehow, I managed to wake up 30 minutes before my alarm clock, might not sound that crazy for most people but it´s a good day for me if I get up before noon back in Chicago.

Once I got up I met up with someone from my color group and we went off to breakfast! Breakfast did not look that good so I stuck to cereal and a banana, which is still a pretty good breakfast.

After breakfast we walked downstairs where I made a really graceful tumble down the stairs, knocking over everything in sight. So once I fixed my bruised ego we went off to find our color group. We had our color group meeting, and finally, we got to load the buses and leave for the Newseum.

I have already been to the Newseum, so I assumed I would be bored, but it is crazy how much of a difference it makes to go with people who mock the press versus people who´s life goals are to become the press. I got to see so many interesting photographs, walls, reports, and afterwards me and a few friends would talk about everything we thought seemed interesting.

 My favorite exhibits had to be the Berlin Wall or the Memorial for Fallen Journalists.

Once we finished up at some of these exhibits, we got to stop and have lunch at the cafe with these ¨Newseum bucks”. I had a burger with some fries and honestly, it was a lot better then I expected. Me and some new friends sat, talked, laughed, and told stories, whether they were happy or sad, about our lives. It was so crazy to see how similar, yet different our lives were.

After lunch we finished up around the Newseum and geared up for dinner. At dinner me and my friend Cate had to sit alone cause the tables were all 2-4 seats so we couldn´t fit our entire group into the mix, luckily our friends still included us in their conversations and we realized a mutual love of Harry Potter! I have never really had the chance to bond over a story that has done so much for me like Harry Potter, and it made my soul so happy to know others loved the story as much as me. (Please ignore my sap it is 2 am)

After dinner it was time for our second to last activity of the day, which was our New Voices panel. Here we learned about censorship in each states, and how it has affected student journalism.

At my school, my press can publish basically anything unless its disrespectful to a certain person or a group of people for a reason that they cannot change. It was so crazy to hear the stories of censorship that I have been lucky enough to never have to deal with.

For our last activity, we got to take a night tour of all of the monuments. To some people, the monuments may seem boring, but they are my favorite thing in D.C.

Nothing is more humbling then looking up at a giant Abe and wondering how he created such a strong legacy for himself. After taking some pictures, we all got on the buses and went back to GMU.

I hope you all enjoyed my post! I am behind on blogging right now due to my long days here at WJMC, but I am pushing to make sure all of my blogs get out!

Thanks for reading!