Hello everyone!

It´s that time of the year again.

Back to school commercials are coming, you probably had to register for your classes, or you are going to anyway, your mom is nagging you about finishing, or in my case starting, your summer homework, and you are starting to get that annoying itch behind your ear.

It´s time to go back to school.

As much as everyone hates it, back to school shopping has to be the most fun I have the entire school year. I love the thrill of going to target and picking out a bunch of pens, highlighters, and notebooks  that I am going to probably lose the 3rd day of school.

Freshman year, I went to Youtube videos and preppy blogs to figure out what I needed for my freshman year of high school, and honestly, it was a waste of my time AND my money. I got so many dumb, extra things that I never used.

I decided to spare y´all the pain I had to go through and just tell you guys what I actually bought for my junior year of high school!

  1.  Notebooks, not one for every class, but enough for the classes I knew I would need to take notes in. For APUSH, I got the largest one I could find. But for Journalism? I did not even bother buying one. I would just guess which classes you won´t need to take that many notes in, and if you really need to, buy another notebook later in the year.
  2. Highlighters, do NOT, and I repeat DO NOT waste your money on ¨cute¨ or artsy highlighters. I got 10 mini highlighters from yoobi for 4.99 and I am so happy I did not get the 3 highlighters for 8.99, this advice also goes for pens, pencils, and any other stationary you might need.
  3. I already had like 45 pencils, so I decided to skip buying those, but make sure you buy lots of pencils because you WILL lose them.
  4. Along with that, make sure you have at least a few colorful pens along with black pens, these pens will help make your notes more organized, and make you have a little bit of fun while writing your notes.
  5. While pencil cases can seem very middle school, you really do need one. I did not use one freshman year and I must have spend 75-100$ on replacing the pens and pencils I kept losing. So deal with not looking cool and get a pencil case.
  6. Finally, make sure you get the little things you normally would forget about. Things like gum, earbuds, car fresheners, etc. You might not care if you have those the first day but 1 week in and you will be regretting not buying them when you were shopping for your school supplies.

That is all I got guys! Thank you for reading and I hope this helps y´all who haven´t gone back to school yet!