Right now, I am sitting in a tiny coffee shop in my tiny town trying to get my chem homework done. While I am failing miserably at that, I am thinking about some things I am beginning to learn this year.


One of those things is the fact that we as a society, especially high school/college students, are extremely quick to judge and make fun of people. I try my hardest to be kind to everyone, but just last Friday I giggled over a tiny freshman yelling at me for accidentally bumping into him in the hall. While that is not the meanest thing, that type of making fun is still not the nicest.

But right now, I am not talking about myself (for once), today I am talking about the average person, I am talking about all of us.

This rude habit we have came heavily to my attention today, while I was minding my business, working on my chem lab. This couple came in, and I looked up because the bell on the door rang. I instantly thought ¨aw they are such a cute couple¨ and moved on with my day.

Once they ordered and sat down with their coffee I started to here snickering and odd whispers. I looked up to see them laughing and pointing right at me! I do not look my best today, seeing as I am you know, studying, but I just moved on with my day cause she does not matter.

After that, I looked up, and realized she was also taking pictures of me. Right then I realized that people are so cruel they are willing to go out of their way to make random strangers feel horrible about themselves.

But this post is not about me, this is about us, as a society. We all instantly judge, it is just apart of our nature. But if we really think and digest it, isn´t it extremely messed up? We just look at someone or something and assume we know everything about that person? How is that acceptable at all?

When we judge someone, we instantly assume what type of person they are. Yet, nobody is really the stereotype we put them into.

If no one is the stereotype we think they are, why do we put people into those boxes? All it does is harm them and their self esteem. For me, I constantly feel the anxiety that everyone is judging me and putting me in the box I tried so hard to escape.

So instead of laughing at the tiny freshman, or the girl in the weird looking outfit, maybe instead we should just all be kind to eachother.