Homecoming is supposed to be a magical night. The girls are supposed to put on pretty dresses, the guys putting on their dress shirts. Everyone is supposed to go take pictures, eat yummy food, and go dance the night away.

My Homecoming did not end with me dancing the night away.

At first, everything went amazing, my dress looked amazing, the girl who did my makeup at Sephora was amazing, and my hair looked so pretty and shiny.

Even the Homecoming pictures were fun, I got to take pretty pictures with all my friends. We spent 2 hours laughing, talking, making jokes, and helping each other get our heels out of the mud.

It didn´t get bad until the Homecoming dance.

I walked into the gym feeling extremely out of place, my friends had all went together and did not bother to invite me to come with them so I had to go alone. At first I could not find any of my friends, so I decided to make a quick stop at the bathroom.

After making some awkward conversation with some friends and fixing my hands, I started to get ready to leave the bathroom and face the music of the night when it happened.

My dress broke.

It did not break badly, I sneezed and the hook to my zipper fell off. Causing the zipper to not be able to stay up. But to me? This made my kinda weird night feel TERRIBLE, I loved my Homecoming dress, and all of my friends were acting weird, so at this point, I just wanted to get some ice cream and sleep away this dance.

Luckily for me, my mom was my Superhero that night, and swooped in to make sure that I did not have to hide in the bathroom all night, crying my eyes out.

While I was waiting for her to get to my school, it began to rain. I started laughing because my favorite song from Grease is ¨It´s Raining on Prom Night.¨

I have said this on my blog before but, the rain really makes me think, sometimes good, but on Homecoming, it was bad. I really started to think that maybe, I was not good enough to have a nice Homecoming this year, that maybe, I wasn´t worthy for something as nice as Homecoming.

Now that I am not as upset about my not so great Homecoming, I realized that I am worthy of something nice and special, this Homecoming just was not my time for a magical dance.

And while things might have not worked out the way I hoped, I did still get to have lots of fun at pictures. Some people do not even get the chance to go to a Homecoming, some people do not have friends to take pictures with. My own mom never got to go to a single school dance. Me?  This Homecoming was my 10th school dance.

So despite the fact my Homecoming sucked, I am still grateful for that Saturday.

Honestly? I think that everyone is going to have one bad dance at some point. I am just happy that mine was not that terrible. It is not like someone told me that I looked fat in my dress. I did not have a date so nothing went wrong with that.

The only thing that happened was my dress ripping.

I have always been over dramatic, but on Homecoming? That was a brand new level of dramatics from me.

Looking back, I really see how dumb I must have looked, crying over a silly little dress that was fixable.  I had a great time at pictures, so why couldn’t I have been appreciative of that moment?

Because, like every single person reading this, I am human. I overreact when things do not go my way. All I wanted was an amazing Homecoming, instead I got a ripped dress and a lot of tears that night.

But, that is okay, cause things will not always go my way. As sad as I am that my Homecoming was not what I hoped for, I am so grateful I got an important lesson out of that night.

Thank you for reading! I will be posting the positive of that night this weekend! I just felt I should let out my sadness about what happened, it may have been a small issue, but like everyone, I needed to sort out my emotions.

Talk to you all later!!