Genuine happiness is not easy to find.

People can seem genuinely happy, but in reality be so unhappy with their lives and who they are, the things they do, the friends they have.  It is so easy to get caught up with what your friends see, what your followers on Instagram see, what the world sees.

I used to get caught up in these things.  Pictures and videos were not taken to capture special moments, but so I could make my feed “artsy”. Does this honestly really matter?

This past year, I have really stopped caring what others think of me. I stopped talking to people who bring me down, I stopped wearing clothes or makeup to impress people, and I began doing things that I wanted to do. I began surrounding myself with positive people, wearing clothes I thought were cute, and joined sports and clubs that I thought seemed fun.

Removing the fake happiness has changed my outlook on life drastically, while I still have emotions like any person, my genuine happiness has overall changed my world. I can take on a roadblock without freaking out, and I have started being less fearful of rejection because it does not matter if I get rejected! 

Being genuinely happy is not a forever feeling, some days, I still come home feeling defeated and upset.  But those moments of true happiness are more likely to happen then those feelings of sadness. My happiness can make my cloud of sad disappear with just one smile or laugh.

Moving through the path to genuine happiness is hard, I am not going to lie. I had to deal with losing things and people that once made me happy, but had turned toxic, losing things that were bad for me from the start, and begin changing my identity and morals.

Once I got through the path of change, I began gaining things and people I truly love. I started wanting to do things with my friends and do the activities I was apart of.  My life changed drastically once I stopped letting fake happiness take over my life.

Here are some pictures that capture true happiness in my life

These pictures might not be the prettiest, but they show me at my happiest. I was actually really scared to post these pictures on my blog but I feel like hiding my life on my blog just defeats the purpose of this blog anyway.

So I do not have anything else to say but the moral of this blog is: being really, truly happy is super rad.

Xoxo, Ava