Hello everyone! Going off of my last post, I decided to make a blog post about all of the things that make me happy. I am using this as a reminder to myself about all these WONDERFUL things I am blessed to have in my life.

  1. My lovely mom and dad. They are the most supportive people in my life. No matter what my path may be, I know they will be rallying behind me. I might be the cheerleader in the family, but they are the cheerleaders of my life.
  2.  My crazy little kitty Rory! I know most people love their pets, but Rory has positively influenced my life in so many ways. She is the reason I actually take care of myself, because I know I have to take care of her as well.
  3. My spider plant Nico, I know plants are a weird thing to consider a blessing, but my plant makes me smile every single morning, I always see it right when I wake up and I just use it as motivation to get out of bed.
  4. My really AWESOME stingers! The season is sadly over, but my little stingers are the sunshine of my life! These little girls are just balls of happiness and the amount of joy I have for being one of their mentors is priceless. I still think about those girls every single day, and I cannot wait for my last year of coaching, even though I will be heartbroken once it is over.
  5. Coffee, something so simple can bring a smile to my face with one single sip, I honestly drink so much coffee but I love it.
  6. Cheer, despite all the hard stuff, the sport has changed my life. I joined cheer as a weird 10-year-old and it has completely transformed me. I have no idea what is going to happen once I go to college cause cheerleading is such a big part of my identity.
  7. All of my friends, I have changed a lot in the past year, and along with that my friends have changed as well, the people in my life are amazing and are always so good to me and put up with my crazy.

That is all I have today! I have been feeling very happy lately and hope you all enjoyed it seeping into this blog post, cause it’s almost too sweet, but that is okay cause I am just trying to show myself that despite how upset I might get about things, I really do live a good life with good people.

Xoxo, Ava