One year ago TODAY I decided to create my blog. My first blog post was kinda messy (You can read it Here!) but it definitely helped me process all of my issues and the things that I was going through at that time, so I decided to keep it up.

At first, it was hard, I am not going to lie. I was so scared that people I know in real life would find my blog, so I barely EVER posted. I think in the first three months of my blog, I posted maybe twice.  I was so embarrassed that I thought this was even a good idea, I almost ended up deleting my blog.

I don´t know exactly what changed my mindset, but after a while, a switch seemed to flip. Soon, I could not seem to stop writing, I had so many ideas and I just wanted to get them all out into the world as fast as possible.

Ever since then, this blog has brought me so much happiness. I never had a place to put all of my creativity and thoughts. Now I have a way to process what is going on in my life, and even let me help someone who might be dealing with the same thing as me. I am so blessed to have an outlet like this, so many people do not have an outlet like this.

Going off of that, THANK YOU to the people who are willing to read my posts! If it was not for every single one of my readers, this blog would basically just be a really weird diary. Also, a special thank you to my family and friends who always read every single one of my posts, I know they might not be perfect, but whenever one of my friends text me about how much they loved my most recent post, I always get SO happy, especially if I was nervous about that post for whatever reason.

Along with my one-year blogiversary, there are soon going to be new changes to my blog overall! I have been working on some new ideas and I am SO EXCITED to share them all with you guys!

So again, thank you all for coming along with me on this little journey, and I cannot wait to see what the future brings for me and this blog.