Hello everyone! Today´s blog post is going to be a little bit different than my normal posts. I am going to be telling you guys some of the habits I have! Some of them are pretty good, but others might not be the best. Honestly, this entire post is going to be me calling myself out.

  1.  For some reason, whenever I am stressed out at school or while I am studying, I click my pencil. I don´t even realize I am going it most of the time, but it always bugs everyone around me. This is one of my bad habits and I have no idea how to stop doing it! The only thing that can stop me from clicking my pen is holding my hands together, but then I really can´t write because my hands, ya know, are holding each other.
  2. Whenever I get nervous, I always play with my hair. People always say that it is kinda cute, but I feel like it makes it obvious that I am nervous which makes me even more nervous. (You can probably see how this just keeps on going).
  3. This one is more of a superstition than a habit, but I ALWAYS have to knock on wood whenever I say something about cheer. If I tell my mom ¨I think my team is going to do really good tonight!¨ or ¨I think we can make these upgrades look really good.¨ We always freak out and start looking for something wood or if we need to we just knock on our heads.
  4.  For some reason, I always hurdle myself onto my bed. Might not seem like a big deal but I always manage to knock things over in the process.
  5. Another superstition I have is that for EVERY single competition I have, I must wear false lashes. If I forget to put them on at home or bring them to the competition I will go out, buy a pair, and put them on even if they do not fit my eyes before I compete without them. I know it might sound weird to be this superstitious, but it is something I just need to do.
  6. I am obsessed with drinking water, so I always have a water bottle on me. It is probably the best habit I have made sure I have, because I used to NEVER drink water, and of course hydration is important! So I set reminders and alarm clocks to remind me to drink water.

That is all I have today! I hope you all enjoyed reading about my weird habits!

Xoxo, Ava