Hey guys! I am so sorry for the break on posts. Lately, I have been trying to focus on my health, my family, and school. With winter break coming up I will be posting more but I decided to give you guys a post! Since finals are probably the biggest things on everyone’s minds I decided to write some of my favorite things to do to get ready for them!

When the study guides and reviews start piling in, the first thing I like to do is put them all in a specific folder away from the rest of my stuff. That way, I am less likely to lose my review sheets or get them dirty!

Along with that, during the semester I try to save good youtube videos that can help me study for specific classes! John Green´s CrashCourses for US history helped me so much during APUSH. I also like to save up quizlets and other online resources to make my cramming go a lot smoother.

I also like to make a studying playlist so while I am cramming I have some nice calming music to listen to! I like to listen to bands/artists such as Vampire Weekend, Billie Ellish, Foster the People, and The Neighborhood. It helps me stay focused on my work with something light in the background to help keep me calm!

During my heavy duty study days, I like to take 10 minutes each night to do some sort of self-care, if it is doing a face mask or deep conditioning my hair, it really just helps me stay calm during my cram sessions.

Another thing I like to do is study outside of my house, if I just cram myself into my room I usually feel trapped and never seem to get anything done. This helps make it easier for me to study and get important things done.

Forming a study schedule is another great way to make your finals week go much smoother. I like to write out when I am studying, who I am studying with, and where I am studying. This also lets me see what gaps and breaks I have during the busy week.

Finally, I like to take a deep breath and know that whatever happens, I am going to be alright, while grades are important, and you should strive for good grades, they do not define who you are as a person. It is sometimes really hard to believe that, but it is the truth.