Happy Valentine´s Day! As someone who has never really been in a relationship, this holiday has always sucked. I normally spend the day drowning myself in homework after school, then spend the rest of the night watching a cheesy romcom and eating pizza.

red roses close up photography
Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com

This year though, I figured I would do something semi-productive and write a blog post for other single people, whether it be you are newly single, or you just don´t know how to handle the love around you.

As hard as it is, don´t avoid couples today, especially if they are your friends, this only makes you feel more upset and isolated from people. For so long I avoided my friends who were dating someone on Valentine´s day and it made the day suck even more.

Don´t listen to sad songs, no matter how much you are tempted too. Being single might not be fun, but it makes you look desperate, especially if you post all the sad songs on your Instagram hoping some cute guy will sweep you off your feet.

Appreciate all of the people you do have! It might seem small now, but your friends sending you cute texts and your mom getting you balloons are some sweet gestures to show you they love you! I used to always not care about the things my family and friends did for me because I was so caught up in the fact I was single, and now I look back and regret how ungrateful I looked.

And finally, enjoy the day! Make silly jokes about being single, wish your friends happy galentines day, watch some cheesy movies, wear pink, eat lots of chocolate, and have a wonderful day and enjoy the love in the world, even if it is just for one day.