Live in the moment.

That is something everyone, usually older people, always tell me. For a long time I never really understood what they meant. I figured they meant to not try and grow up too fast or to not act older then I am.

I didn’t realize they meant not dwelling on the past too.

I am one of those people who can never stop thinking about my past mistakes, friendships, and memories. It is so easy to just let all of my regrets consume me and affect my current life.

It sounds dumb, I know.

But for some reason I can’t seem to stop myself from worrying about the cookie I had 2 days after the fact, I can’t stop worrying about something dumb I said in class years after the fact.

I’ve held myself back to not have these regrets.

I didn’t tell the cute guy who sat next to me in English sophomore year that I liked him, I didn’t tell my ex-best friends that they treated me horribly. I didn’t spread my wings and fly in fear I would crash to the ground.

And sure enough, all these regrets are stopping me from living in the moment