A Letter to Junior Year

Dear Junior Year,

You truly brought out the worst in me, the rude, irritable, and bitchy side of me that I never wanted to be. You gave me no sleep, failed tests, and nights spent sobbing in the driver’s seat of my Subaru. I am not afraid to say this year was terrible.

But looking back at this year, I realized I have never grown as much as a person as I did this year. I learned how to manage my time, work through my anxiety in a healthy way, and to put my time into the people that really care about me.

Some things I learned the hard way, like learning that life is SO precious when a girl from my town passed away from brain cancer.

Other things I learned by making the right decision, like taking the chance on the quiet girl who did physical therapy at the same time as me, who is now one of the best friends I have.

But most importantly, I learned that chemistry sucks and if you can manage to get an A you must be a genius.


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