Appreciate your homies everyone

hey friends! I am back from another mini break I took to deal with my workload and I am attempting to get back into blogging again!! I have had lots of revelations in the past month and I feel like I need to share them to EVERYONE!

If you have been reading my posts for a while, you know that for a long time I was dealing with some pretty sucky friend issues that I really just did not know how to deal with?? Like I just did not know how to handle myself which snowballed and made everything suck. But luckily now I have the coolest friends (shout out to the whine club u da realest) and they have taught me SO much about myself.

Growing up I was super outgoing and was always down to make new friends and my mentality was “more friends more fun!” I did not care how cool someone was or if they were considered popular, I just liked people who were nice.

But suddenly I was sucked into friends who mocked people and only wanted me to hang out with our “group” which honestly kind of stinks because what was I supposed to do when they were busy or ditching me for the 1,000 time???

While these friends were not the people I wanted to surround myself with, I did learn a lot from them. I learned that while you SHOULD treat people the way you want to be treated, that lots of people break that very simple and easy to follow rule and that you need to start treating them the same way they treat you.

Because, trust me, they will notice.

Once you find the people you are meant to be friends with, your ENTIRE life will change so much. Everything makes so much sense and it feels like a piece of you that you didn’t know was missing completed you.

Things like sitting in your car just talking about life are so much more interesting then going to a  party, you don’t feel the need to do something to have fun, you can just enjoy your friends company.

Okay so I don’t really know where I was going with this but love your friends!! that is all goodnight


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