A Letter to Junior Year

Dear Junior Year,

You truly brought out the worst in me, the rude, irritable, and bitchy side of me that I never wanted to be. You gave me no sleep, failed tests, and nights spent sobbing in the driver’s seat of my Subaru. I am not afraid to say this year was terrible.

But looking back at this year, I realized I have never grown as much as a person as I did this year. I learned how to manage my time, work through my anxiety in a healthy way, and to put my time into the people that really care about me.

Some things I learned the hard way, like learning that life is SO precious when a girl from my town passed away from brain cancer.

Other things I learned by making the right decision, like taking the chance on the quiet girl who did physical therapy at the same time as me, who is now one of the best friends I have.

But most importantly, I learned that chemistry sucks and if you can manage to get an A you must be a genius.


Living in the moment

Live in the moment.

That is something everyone, usually older people, always tell me. For a long time I never really understood what they meant. I figured they meant to not try and grow up too fast or to not act older then I am.

I didn’t realize they meant not dwelling on the past too.

I am one of those people who can never stop thinking about my past mistakes, friendships, and memories. It is so easy to just let all of my regrets consume me and affect my current life.

It sounds dumb, I know.

But for some reason I can’t seem to stop myself from worrying about the cookie I had 2 days after the fact, I can’t stop worrying about something dumb I said in class years after the fact.

I’ve held myself back to not have these regrets.

I didn’t tell the cute guy who sat next to me in English sophomore year that I liked him, I didn’t tell my ex-best friends that they treated me horribly. I didn’t spread my wings and fly in fear I would crash to the ground.

And sure enough, all these regrets are stopping me from living in the moment


How to Deal With Being Single on Valentine´s Day

Happy Valentine´s Day! As someone who has never really been in a relationship, this holiday has always sucked. I normally spend the day drowning myself in homework after school, then spend the rest of the night watching a cheesy romcom and eating pizza.

red roses close up photography
Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com

This year though, I figured I would do something semi-productive and write a blog post for other single people, whether it be you are newly single, or you just don´t know how to handle the love around you.

As hard as it is, don´t avoid couples today, especially if they are your friends, this only makes you feel more upset and isolated from people. For so long I avoided my friends who were dating someone on Valentine´s day and it made the day suck even more.

Don´t listen to sad songs, no matter how much you are tempted too. Being single might not be fun, but it makes you look desperate, especially if you post all the sad songs on your Instagram hoping some cute guy will sweep you off your feet.

Appreciate all of the people you do have! It might seem small now, but your friends sending you cute texts and your mom getting you balloons are some sweet gestures to show you they love you! I used to always not care about the things my family and friends did for me because I was so caught up in the fact I was single, and now I look back and regret how ungrateful I looked.

And finally, enjoy the day! Make silly jokes about being single, wish your friends happy galentines day, watch some cheesy movies, wear pink, eat lots of chocolate, and have a wonderful day and enjoy the love in the world, even if it is just for one day.


Having an Identity

In high school, everyone has an identity.

You have your goths, your band kids, the cheerleaders, the jocks, the drama club, your hipsters.

Usually, everyone falls into a spot, I sure did.

Being with the cheerleaders didn´t make me the most popular kid, but for the most part, most people knew me because of the bow I wore in my hair. I felt like I belonged in my school.

Until suddenly I didn´t.

Junior year, I became more shy and quiet, I didn´t have my sport to fall back on as my identity, something that has defined me since 2012 was not there to help me anymore.

It became easy to just sit in the shadows.

People stopped saying hi to me in the halls, my grades slowly slipped,  my ¨friends¨ starting talking to me less and less, and I soon felt really alone. It felt like all the people that cared about me lived 100 miles away.

I went from being the loud, peppy, cheerleader to the quiet girl who is scared to speak in front of the class. I don´t even know if my teachers know my name.

I needed to learn sooner or later that I would not be known as the cheerleader after high school.

But honestly? This realization sucks.

I don´t know who I am, all I know is the cheerleader.

I grew up being the cheerleader, I grew up letting the stereotypes cheerleaders try so hard to let go of consume me; now I am stuck paying the price two years early.

I wish I could say that suddenly everything became really good, but I would be lying. I did start opening up to people, and I can confidently say I have the coolest friends in the world. But I still do not know who I am.

Some days, I can be super peppy and basically be a walking talking J-crew ad. I want to go into advertising or sports journalism and I drink hot tea. I actually have the motivation to do well in school.

Other days I stroll into school wearing a giant sweatshirt and leggings and just want to sit on my phone and watch Gossip Girl on Netflix.

But I guess that is what high school is all about, finding yourself, feeling lost, and just getting through this small patch of life, and I mean, who really needs an identity??



Ways to Help Your Skin

img_5720Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful week! Since January is one of the colder months of the year, I thought that dropping some of my best skincare tips would help you guys out!

Side Note: I have combination skin, so I get dry spots on my chin, forehead, and cheeks, but my T-zone can be extremely oily at times. I breakout about once or twice a month due to stress/hormones, but normally I don´t get too many zits on my face. I do have extremely sensitive skin, so I can´t use anything harsh on my skin.

Moisturizing is key for your skin to look nice and soft year round. I feel like this is the step that a lot of people skip in their skincare routine because they don´t know that moisturizer is the key to hydrating your skin without looking oily! For Christmas, my mom got me the Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty and it has worked miracles on my skin. My dry patches have pretty much disappeared and it has also helped clear my eczema.

If I am ever trying a new product, which is something I avoid to not irritate my skin, I always ease my skin into the product. If it is a cleanser I use daily, I start using it once a week and slowly begin using it more and more. This helps my skin become more comfortable with products so I don´t instantly break out.

I know everyone says this, but drinking lots of water really improves your skin. It is the best way to remove harmful toxins from your skin. I always try and drink 4-5 20oz water bottles each day, and it has really helped clear my skin.

Most importantly, being consistent with your skincare is the best way to ensure improvements with your skin. You don´t need fancy products to see results, you just have to be willing to put in a little work to help your skin!

I hope you all enjoyed my tips! I tried to not recommend products since not everything will work on people, but instead give you guys some universal skincare tips that anyone with any skin type can use!


Getting ready for finals!

Hey guys! I am so sorry for the break on posts. Lately, I have been trying to focus on my health, my family, and school. With winter break coming up I will be posting more but I decided to give you guys a post! Since finals are probably the biggest things on everyone’s minds I decided to write some of my favorite things to do to get ready for them!

When the study guides and reviews start piling in, the first thing I like to do is put them all in a specific folder away from the rest of my stuff. That way, I am less likely to lose my review sheets or get them dirty!

Along with that, during the semester I try to save good youtube videos that can help me study for specific classes! John Green´s CrashCourses for US history helped me so much during APUSH. I also like to save up quizlets and other online resources to make my cramming go a lot smoother.

I also like to make a studying playlist so while I am cramming I have some nice calming music to listen to! I like to listen to bands/artists such as Vampire Weekend, Billie Ellish, Foster the People, and The Neighborhood. It helps me stay focused on my work with something light in the background to help keep me calm!

During my heavy duty study days, I like to take 10 minutes each night to do some sort of self-care, if it is doing a face mask or deep conditioning my hair, it really just helps me stay calm during my cram sessions.

Another thing I like to do is study outside of my house, if I just cram myself into my room I usually feel trapped and never seem to get anything done. This helps make it easier for me to study and get important things done.

Forming a study schedule is another great way to make your finals week go much smoother. I like to write out when I am studying, who I am studying with, and where I am studying. This also lets me see what gaps and breaks I have during the busy week.

Finally, I like to take a deep breath and know that whatever happens, I am going to be alright, while grades are important, and you should strive for good grades, they do not define who you are as a person. It is sometimes really hard to believe that, but it is the truth.

How To Survive Black Friday Shopping

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving, surrounded by the people you love most. But today, I am not going to be talking about Thanksgiving, I am going to be talking about the day after, Black Friday.

Every year, My cousin, my mom and I always go Black Friday shopping together. This little tradition has been going on for 5 years, so I think I have figured out some of the ropes for Black Friday.

I hope you all enjoy these tips!

My first tip and probably my most important tip is to not start shopping until at least 1am.  I know that people say shopping at midnight is half the fun, but you will probably end up spending more times stuck in long lines. I also know a lot of people who will start their Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving, and while you will probably not be tired, you are losing precious time with your family, so is the deal really even worth it then? I always go Black Friday shopping at 3-4 AM, so I can still get the good gift sets and deals, while still getting to spend time with family.

I also never go to the crazy stores, such as Target, Best Buy Ulta, or Walmart. Those stores are normally where everything crazy happens. If you really want one the deals they have, I would just go at a later date, because normally they restock in the morning and afternoon after the rush.

Even though you have probably eaten SO much food at Thanksgiving, I would definitely eat breakfast or at least get something into your stomach before shopping. The lines at the mall will probably take forever, and who wants to be stuck shopping on an empty stomach?

Since most people go Black Friday shopping to get Christmas gifts, I would definitely recommend planning out what you are getting for each person on your list. This is something I forget almost every year but this time I have a plan! It will honestly make your shopping trip 100 times easier so you do not have to waste any extra time.

Finally, I just wanted to say that you should be kind to every single worker you come in contact with. They have compromised their holiday to work and they deserve respect. If something does not go your way and they have tried to help you, do not take your anger out on them. They are probably just as tired as you, if not even more.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Hopefully, these tips can help make it easier.

Xoxo, Ava