WJMC 2018: Day 2

Hello everyone! It is my 2nd day here at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference at George Mason University and I am having an amazing time. If you haven already, check out my Day 1 blog post!c96a2502-6b27-4e22-bdce-b072fd0891c075b7d891-4994-4521-b740-7f6535289e36Somehow, I managed to wake up 30 minutes before my alarm clock, might not sound that crazy for most people but it´s a good day for me if I get up before noon back in Chicago.

Once I got up I met up with someone from my color group and we went off to breakfast! Breakfast did not look that good so I stuck to cereal and a banana, which is still a pretty good breakfast.

After breakfast we walked downstairs where I made a really graceful tumble down the stairs, knocking over everything in sight. So once I fixed my bruised ego we went off to find our color group. We had our color group meeting, and finally, we got to load the buses and leave for the Newseum.

I have already been to the Newseum, so I assumed I would be bored, but it is crazy how much of a difference it makes to go with people who mock the press versus people who´s life goals are to become the press. I got to see so many interesting photographs, walls, reports, and afterwards me and a few friends would talk about everything we thought seemed interesting.

 My favorite exhibits had to be the Berlin Wall or the Memorial for Fallen Journalists.

Once we finished up at some of these exhibits, we got to stop and have lunch at the cafe with these ¨Newseum bucks”. I had a burger with some fries and honestly, it was a lot better then I expected. Me and some new friends sat, talked, laughed, and told stories, whether they were happy or sad, about our lives. It was so crazy to see how similar, yet different our lives were.

After lunch we finished up around the Newseum and geared up for dinner. At dinner me and my friend Cate had to sit alone cause the tables were all 2-4 seats so we couldn´t fit our entire group into the mix, luckily our friends still included us in their conversations and we realized a mutual love of Harry Potter! I have never really had the chance to bond over a story that has done so much for me like Harry Potter, and it made my soul so happy to know others loved the story as much as me. (Please ignore my sap it is 2 am)

After dinner it was time for our second to last activity of the day, which was our New Voices panel. Here we learned about censorship in each states, and how it has affected student journalism.

At my school, my press can publish basically anything unless its disrespectful to a certain person or a group of people for a reason that they cannot change. It was so crazy to hear the stories of censorship that I have been lucky enough to never have to deal with.

For our last activity, we got to take a night tour of all of the monuments. To some people, the monuments may seem boring, but they are my favorite thing in D.C.

Nothing is more humbling then looking up at a giant Abe and wondering how he created such a strong legacy for himself. After taking some pictures, we all got on the buses and went back to GMU.

I hope you all enjoyed my post! I am behind on blogging right now due to my long days here at WJMC, but I am pushing to make sure all of my blogs get out!

Thanks for reading!

WJMC 2018:Day 1

Hello everyone! For the next 6 days I will be blogging my amazing experience at WJMC 2018! It is only day 1 and I have already done so many amazing things and met so many amazing people. I forgot to bring my camera to dinner and I kept forgetting to take pictures on my phone so I sadly only have 2 pictures, I promise that for the rest of the week I will have a lot more pictures up!

Before I got to GMU, my parents took me out for breakfast at First Watch, which was amazing, I had the acai bowl with no granola, and a side of their million dollar toast. It was so refreshing and gave me a nice start for my day. The super strong coffee may have also helped me out a little bit there too. After that we were finally off to George Mason!

The first thing I noticed about WJMC is how kind the staff and interns are to the youth correspondents, they are truly trying to make this week an amazing experience and they were so helpful while I was trying to navigate myself to the hub.

Once I unpacked and got dressed for our opening dinner, my friend Jaeden (who I met beforehand on instagram) came to my room and we walked to our color group meeting together.

Once we got to our color group meeting I started to get super nervous, but luckily everyone in my color group is super nice. I made a bunch of friends super fast and I know I´m going to make more friends the rest of this week!

At dinner me and a bunch of people from my color group sat together, we talked, laughed, and ate some amazing food. I had vegetables, pasta, and garlic bread. After dinner we got to hear a speech from senior reporter for the New York Times Mikayla Bouchard.

Mikayla Bouchard´s speech was honestly unlike any speech I have ever heard, normally the educational speeches I get to hear are about the job that person does and what it takes to get that job. Mikayla´s speech was mainly focusing on the first job, and the things you need to decide when looking at that job, as a rising junior, my first ¨job¨ will most likely be an unpaid internship to add onto my belt for the future. It made me feel better to know that while I´m not getting paid, I´m still getting lessons that will help me in the future, and projects that may even get me a real job.

After dinner we had another color group meeting, where we did some icebreakers, talked about networking and ways we can do it, and we perfected our team chant (gotta love the yellow group).

Overall, today was an amazing day, and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.

My Tips and Traveling Tricks

Hello everyone! As you may or may not know, tonight I am leaving for Washington DC to attend WJMC! I am so excited and honored to be chosen for this once in a lifetime experience, but packing is an absolute nightmare. I am not the most organized person but I do have some tricks up my sleeve to help make packing, and the actual travel, much easier.

  • When packing for something like a conference where you need to have professional/fashionable outfits picked out beforehand, I always say to put your entire outfit in a ziplock bag. While the ziplock bag can be a pain to get all of the air out, it makes it so much easier to get ready quickly, you will not have to decide what is going to look best with what piece cause you already tried on and decided back home! It also makes it less awkward with your underwear not being able to just fall out of your bag for your roommates to see in all of its glory. Plus, then instead of shifting through a bunch of similar colored dresses trying to find a certain dress, you will just go through the clear bags!
  • Laundry soap is your saving grace to fight overpacking. I always use the excuse “what if I get all my stuff dirty?” to get away with bringing an extra 5 outfits when I’m only going to be away for 1 week, this way, if I do get something dirty, that night I can just quickly hand wash the stain out and let it dry! I would still bring one light outfit to carry in your bag for an crazy emergency.
  • Always have something to snack on. This one might sound weird but I feel like whenever I go on a trip without my family I always end up hating the food because it’s disgusting. The last time I went to DC the food kept making me sick, and my mom didn’t let me bring snacks so I ended up not eating anything for 3 days straight. To WJMC I’m bringing an entire bag of banana chips and peanut butter pretzels.
  • My final tip is to always bring a book with you while your traveling. While I can’t read in the car because I always get car sick, I love to read in my free time on vacation. This time I am bringing Into the Wild which I have to read and annotate for AP Lang by the end of the summer. I figured I should read it now so I can get a head start on my essay.

I hope you all find something useful from my tips, I know most people know these things but just incase you didn’t know… well now you know.

Trapeze in the City: Travel Diary

Yesterday me and some of my friends went on a once in a lifetime adventure in Chicago for my best friends birthday party! We got to try trapeze and eat really good cupcakes all in one day! I sadly didn’t get that many pictures, but luckily I videotaped lots of the amazing experience. I hope you enjoy the video and the travel diary!

I used a Gopro Hero 5 to film my clips and Imovie to edit and create my video. The song in the video is “Young Volcanos” by Fall Out Boy.

Travel Diary

To start off are day, we all had to get dropped of at Grace’s house. I was super worried about running behind, because it seemed like I kept forgetting everything I needed. Luckily, I made good time, and was able to get Dunkin without being late. We all waited for everyone to show up, and then we were offered ham and turkey sandwiches, chips, and bottles of water for the 45 minute drive. While the sandwiches did look good, Subway always seems to make me sick so I just had a bag of Lays and iced coffee. What a smart way to start my day.

One everyone grabbed their sandwiches, we then began to separate into the 2 cars we were going to be driving in. While most people went with Grace’s mom. Me, Grace, and her friend Sarah all went with Grace’s sister Abby, because we knew her pretty well and it wouldn’t be awkward.

Our car ride was spent jamming out to pop and country music, and I almost forgot we were about to fly mid air holding onto a scary bar and swinging around. Key word here is ALMOST.

Once we finally made it to TSNY Chicago, we found the parking lot without too much trouble, grabbed all our things and went into the Chicago Park District. Then we made our way to the trapeze school

Once we got inside and started looking around, I realized how terrified I am of heights, just watching people swing around (with no harness) and even flip off the bar make me want to puke.

They started with telling us to take off all of our jewelry and anything else like that. Sadly they told me we could not use the Gopro wristlet to videotape the trapezing. Luckily we would be very close to the swing so I could still get clips for my video.

Once we finally started getting ready to climb, thats when all of my nerves started to kick in, my stomach was hurting and I felt dizzy for some reason.

We started off with a “simple trick” where you start with your hands on the bar, swing your legs and put your knees on the bar, and let go with your hands. While I did know that was not hard, I started to get really nervous.

I was the 4th person to go, so while I was getting ready, I watched my friends try and succeed to do the trick.

Let me just say, the ladder to go up onto the platform was horrifying, it would not stop shaking and I was terrified that I would fall off.

Once I got up there, it was over, there was no way I would jump off the platform without passing out or puking in the process. I was so embarrassed over my fear of heights, but luckily my friends were super supportive and didn’t laugh at me for chickening out and crying about it.

For a while, I just sat their cringing at the trapeze wondering why I would ever want to fling myself into the air. But with a little tough love from my mom and kind support from my friends, I went up the scary ladder and tried again.

Once I got up there, I started bawling like a baby, it took me almost five minutes to even stand on the edge of the platform. Once I had shed all the tears left in me, I finally swung on the trapeze, but I still wouldn’t do any of the fancy tricks that everyone else was doing.

Once I got down, I just kept videotaping and watching while my friends did some crazy tricks. Once our time finished I went one more time just so I could get video proof that I went trapezing.

After that we went to Smallcakes for these AMAZING cupcakes, I got cookies and cream, it was AMAZING. The cupcake tasted really similar to the cupcake at Be our Guest in Disney World.

After we finished our cupcakes, we all sadly had to go home so Grace and her family could celebrate.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed my travel diary!


Get Excited, It is Summer 2018: Throwback Video Diary Spring Break 2018

Hello Everyone! As it is officially summer for (almost) everyone, I decided to post a Travel Diary from my Spring Break this past year! I will be making more of these videos and I am so excited to share them with you guys! Enjoy!


Get excited, it’s summer!