So… I am back for now

Hi everyone! VERY long time no talk. I do not think I have posted anything on my blog in like 3 months??

I wish I had a valid reason for not posting except that I was just trying to focus my energy on so many different things, and I just didn’t have time to blog, or really have anything to even post about.

Junior year was so stressful and during any free time I had, I was doing things like painting, working out, and spending time with my friends and family. As much as I love posting on here, it can get super stressful and I just could not seem to handle it with everything else going on.

But luckily, Junior year ends for me this Friday, and I will have 3 months of adventures to tell you guys about! My friends and I are planning on hiking as many state parks we can find, going to Michigan as a mini road trip, and hammocking at the hiking trail by our house. Along with that, I will be going to Nashville for a mini vacation this weekend and Mizzou for a journalism camp!

I also am planning on doing little vlogs on days that I am doing lots of fun stuff so be on the lookout for that! I think it will be super fun and I am really excited!

My New Years Resolutions

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful 2019 so far! Like most people, I have a list of resolutions and goals this year and I figured I would share my list! At the end of the year, I am going to repost the list and see what resolutions and goals that were a success and what failed.

  1. Wear clothes I like and make me feel confident even if it is not ¨trendy¨ or ¨cool¨ because the clothes I like are cool even if others do not think that.
  2. Post on here every Friday at 7! This one will be a challenge but I truly want to be more active.
  3. Get straight A´s second semester and make high honor roll.
  4. Keep my room clean and organized all year so I add more decor.
  5. Always have a positive mindset and outlook on everything, even when times get hard for me and others.
  6. Apply to college and get accepted to college. (Hopefully Mizzou!)
  7. Make more friends at cheer and outside of school to continue expanding my horizons with the people I know.
  8. Not be afraid to leave my comfort zone and try new things, no matter how much they scare me.
  9. Have an overall more healthy lifestyle this year, mentally, physically, and socially.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my goals and resolutions for 2019!

Habits I Have: The Good and the Bad

Hello everyone! Today´s blog post is going to be a little bit different than my normal posts. I am going to be telling you guys some of the habits I have! Some of them are pretty good, but others might not be the best. Honestly, this entire post is going to be me calling myself out.

  1.  For some reason, whenever I am stressed out at school or while I am studying, I click my pencil. I don´t even realize I am going it most of the time, but it always bugs everyone around me. This is one of my bad habits and I have no idea how to stop doing it! The only thing that can stop me from clicking my pen is holding my hands together, but then I really can´t write because my hands, ya know, are holding each other.
  2. Whenever I get nervous, I always play with my hair. People always say that it is kinda cute, but I feel like it makes it obvious that I am nervous which makes me even more nervous. (You can probably see how this just keeps on going).
  3. This one is more of a superstition than a habit, but I ALWAYS have to knock on wood whenever I say something about cheer. If I tell my mom ¨I think my team is going to do really good tonight!¨ or ¨I think we can make these upgrades look really good.¨ We always freak out and start looking for something wood or if we need to we just knock on our heads.
  4.  For some reason, I always hurdle myself onto my bed. Might not seem like a big deal but I always manage to knock things over in the process.
  5. Another superstition I have is that for EVERY single competition I have, I must wear false lashes. If I forget to put them on at home or bring them to the competition I will go out, buy a pair, and put them on even if they do not fit my eyes before I compete without them. I know it might sound weird to be this superstitious, but it is something I just need to do.
  6. I am obsessed with drinking water, so I always have a water bottle on me. It is probably the best habit I have made sure I have, because I used to NEVER drink water, and of course hydration is important! So I set reminders and alarm clocks to remind me to drink water.

That is all I have today! I hope you all enjoyed reading about my weird habits!

Xoxo, Ava

One Year Blogiversary

One year ago TODAY I decided to create my blog. My first blog post was kinda messy (You can read it Here!) but it definitely helped me process all of my issues and the things that I was going through at that time, so I decided to keep it up.

At first, it was hard, I am not going to lie. I was so scared that people I know in real life would find my blog, so I barely EVER posted. I think in the first three months of my blog, I posted maybe twice.  I was so embarrassed that I thought this was even a good idea, I almost ended up deleting my blog.

I don´t know exactly what changed my mindset, but after a while, a switch seemed to flip. Soon, I could not seem to stop writing, I had so many ideas and I just wanted to get them all out into the world as fast as possible.

Ever since then, this blog has brought me so much happiness. I never had a place to put all of my creativity and thoughts. Now I have a way to process what is going on in my life, and even let me help someone who might be dealing with the same thing as me. I am so blessed to have an outlet like this, so many people do not have an outlet like this.

Going off of that, THANK YOU to the people who are willing to read my posts! If it was not for every single one of my readers, this blog would basically just be a really weird diary. Also, a special thank you to my family and friends who always read every single one of my posts, I know they might not be perfect, but whenever one of my friends text me about how much they loved my most recent post, I always get SO happy, especially if I was nervous about that post for whatever reason.

Along with my one-year blogiversary, there are soon going to be new changes to my blog overall! I have been working on some new ideas and I am SO EXCITED to share them all with you guys!

So again, thank you all for coming along with me on this little journey, and I cannot wait to see what the future brings for me and this blog.





The things that make me happiest

Hello everyone! Going off of my last post, I decided to make a blog post about all of the things that make me happy. I am using this as a reminder to myself about all these WONDERFUL things I am blessed to have in my life.

  1. My lovely mom and dad. They are the most supportive people in my life. No matter what my path may be, I know they will be rallying behind me. I might be the cheerleader in the family, but they are the cheerleaders of my life.
  2.  My crazy little kitty Rory! I know most people love their pets, but Rory has positively influenced my life in so many ways. She is the reason I actually take care of myself, because I know I have to take care of her as well.
  3. My spider plant Nico, I know plants are a weird thing to consider a blessing, but my plant makes me smile every single morning, I always see it right when I wake up and I just use it as motivation to get out of bed.
  4. My really AWESOME stingers! The season is sadly over, but my little stingers are the sunshine of my life! These little girls are just balls of happiness and the amount of joy I have for being one of their mentors is priceless. I still think about those girls every single day, and I cannot wait for my last year of coaching, even though I will be heartbroken once it is over.
  5. Coffee, something so simple can bring a smile to my face with one single sip, I honestly drink so much coffee but I love it.
  6. Cheer, despite all the hard stuff, the sport has changed my life. I joined cheer as a weird 10-year-old and it has completely transformed me. I have no idea what is going to happen once I go to college cause cheerleading is such a big part of my identity.
  7. All of my friends, I have changed a lot in the past year, and along with that my friends have changed as well, the people in my life are amazing and are always so good to me and put up with my crazy.

That is all I have today! I have been feeling very happy lately and hope you all enjoyed it seeping into this blog post, cause it’s almost too sweet, but that is okay cause I am just trying to show myself that despite how upset I might get about things, I really do live a good life with good people.

Xoxo, Ava

My Morning Routine

Hello everyone! I decided to try something very different than my norm this week and tell you guys all about my morning routine! Of course, my morning is never exactly the same because let’s face it, some mornings no one can get out of bed at a reasonable time. I tried to make this as realistic as possible for you guys!

Onto the good stuff

Of course, I start every morning by of course: waking up. I am that person who cannot get up in the morning, so I normally have to set at least 5 alarms to wake up at a reasonable time. On average I get up around 6:45 AM on weekdays except for Wednesdays, then I get up at 7:30.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

A habit I have been starting to get into is making my bed in the morning, I used to just leave it and make it once I got home from school, but this way, I am less tempted to just jump right back into my bed.

Once my room looks decently put together, I like to run into the bathroom, brush my teeth, put on my contacts (unless I am wearing my glasses to school that day), and wash my face. The cleanser I like to use in the morning is the Morning Burst Cleanser from Clean & Clear which instantly helps wake me up in the morning!

Side Note: I am not sponsored by Clean and Clear, I just really like this cleanser!

Once my face is clean and I am actually starting to feel awake, I go back into my room and pick out my outfit for the day; unless I actually remember to pick out my outfit the night before so I have more time to do my hair.

For me, picking out a cute outfit takes about 10 minutes, cause honestly, my fashion sense is not that good. But once I pick out my clothes, my hair and makeup come together easily for me!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

After I finished getting dressed, I do my hair and makeup as quickly as I can. Then I spray on some perfume and find my shoes!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Once I am all ready to go, I go downstairs grab my lunch, fill up my water bottle and head out of the door!

Some mornings, if I actually get ready on time, I like to stop and get Dunkin! I know most people either make their own coffee or get Starbucks but I do not like drinking coffee every morning!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Once I am caffeinated and ready to go, I head off to school! Thanks for following me along my morning routine! I hope you enjoyed!

XoXo, Ava

My Junior Year Bucket List

Hello everybody!! I hope you all are having a wonderful week and that your school year is going great! This week, I´m doing something a little different. Last night, I decided to make a bucket list of all the things I want to do and accomplish junior year. I hope you all enjoy my bucket list!

Junior Year Bucket List

  1.  Get all A´s and B´s first and second semester.
  2. Get a 10 on a math quiz that is not in the stats unit
  3. Have a solid A in chemistry before the final, so I do not have to worry about my grade during the last week.
  4.  Drink 8-9 cups of water each day (about 2-3 bottles of water).
  5.  Work out at least 3 times each week, unless it is competition week and I am at the gym more than normal.
  6. Win at least one or more major cheer competition, WSF, Cheersport, US finals, Summit.
  7. Find a prom dress I really love.
  8. Try something new, either a club, an activity, or a new hobby.
  9. Become close to friends I only see in my classes.
  10. Drift away from toxic people in my life and surround myself with positive people, just completely erase toxic people and behaviors from my life.
  11. Go on my first college tour, talk to my first college professer, and narrow down the colleges and universities I am interested in
  12. Get a 32 on my ACT, or a 1320 on my SAT.
  13. Figure out my toxic traits, and attempt to fix those traits to better myself, and be a better person for the people in my life to be around
  14. Form a true bond with my teammates.
  15. Travel more often, try to get out of my town, even if it is just for cheer.
  16. Hang out with friends more, don´t push them away just because fear kicks in.
  17. Sleep more often.
  18. Make more time for family, even if it is just telling my mom and dad how my day went.
  19. Be truly, 100 percent, happy.

Thanks for tuning in on my bucket list!