WJMC 2018:Day 1

Hello everyone! For the next 6 days I will be blogging my amazing experience at WJMC 2018! It is only day 1 and I have already done so many amazing things and met so many amazing people. I forgot to bring my camera to dinner and I kept forgetting to take pictures on my phone so I sadly only have 2 pictures, I promise that for the rest of the week I will have a lot more pictures up!

Before I got to GMU, my parents took me out for breakfast at First Watch, which was amazing, I had the acai bowl with no granola, and a side of their million dollar toast. It was so refreshing and gave me a nice start for my day. The super strong coffee may have also helped me out a little bit there too. After that we were finally off to George Mason!

The first thing I noticed about WJMC is how kind the staff and interns are to the youth correspondents, they are truly trying to make this week an amazing experience and they were so helpful while I was trying to navigate myself to the hub.

Once I unpacked and got dressed for our opening dinner, my friend Jaeden (who I met beforehand on instagram) came to my room and we walked to our color group meeting together.

Once we got to our color group meeting I started to get super nervous, but luckily everyone in my color group is super nice. I made a bunch of friends super fast and I know I´m going to make more friends the rest of this week!

At dinner me and a bunch of people from my color group sat together, we talked, laughed, and ate some amazing food. I had vegetables, pasta, and garlic bread. After dinner we got to hear a speech from senior reporter for the New York Times Mikayla Bouchard.

Mikayla Bouchard´s speech was honestly unlike any speech I have ever heard, normally the educational speeches I get to hear are about the job that person does and what it takes to get that job. Mikayla´s speech was mainly focusing on the first job, and the things you need to decide when looking at that job, as a rising junior, my first ¨job¨ will most likely be an unpaid internship to add onto my belt for the future. It made me feel better to know that while I´m not getting paid, I´m still getting lessons that will help me in the future, and projects that may even get me a real job.

After dinner we had another color group meeting, where we did some icebreakers, talked about networking and ways we can do it, and we perfected our team chant (gotta love the yellow group).

Overall, today was an amazing day, and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.

My Tips and Traveling Tricks

Hello everyone! As you may or may not know, tonight I am leaving for Washington DC to attend WJMC! I am so excited and honored to be chosen for this once in a lifetime experience, but packing is an absolute nightmare. I am not the most organized person but I do have some tricks up my sleeve to help make packing, and the actual travel, much easier.

  • When packing for something like a conference where you need to have professional/fashionable outfits picked out beforehand, I always say to put your entire outfit in a ziplock bag. While the ziplock bag can be a pain to get all of the air out, it makes it so much easier to get ready quickly, you will not have to decide what is going to look best with what piece cause you already tried on and decided back home! It also makes it less awkward with your underwear not being able to just fall out of your bag for your roommates to see in all of its glory. Plus, then instead of shifting through a bunch of similar colored dresses trying to find a certain dress, you will just go through the clear bags!
  • Laundry soap is your saving grace to fight overpacking. I always use the excuse “what if I get all my stuff dirty?” to get away with bringing an extra 5 outfits when I’m only going to be away for 1 week, this way, if I do get something dirty, that night I can just quickly hand wash the stain out and let it dry! I would still bring one light outfit to carry in your bag for an crazy emergency.
  • Always have something to snack on. This one might sound weird but I feel like whenever I go on a trip without my family I always end up hating the food because it’s disgusting. The last time I went to DC the food kept making me sick, and my mom didn’t let me bring snacks so I ended up not eating anything for 3 days straight. To WJMC I’m bringing an entire bag of banana chips and peanut butter pretzels.
  • My final tip is to always bring a book with you while your traveling. While I can’t read in the car because I always get car sick, I love to read in my free time on vacation. This time I am bringing Into the Wild which I have to read and annotate for AP Lang by the end of the summer. I figured I should read it now so I can get a head start on my essay.

I hope you all find something useful from my tips, I know most people know these things but just incase you didn’t know… well now you know.

My Favorite Face Masks

Sometimes, your skin is just not willing to work with you. You can use your favorite cleansers and toners, cut out all of the junk food in the world, and you still have pimples all over your face. This is when it’s time to bring out your favorite face masks. These are my favorite face masks to use when my skin is breaking out!

DISCLAIMER- not all of these masks may work for you! It just depends on your skin type and how sensitive you skin is. I have extremely sensitive skin and my skin type is combination.

Glow Recipe: Watermelon Glow Sheet Mask

My favorite sheet mask is the Watermelon Glow Sheet Mask by Glow Recipe. This mask is amazing for (almost) all skin types, and will leave your skin extremely hydrated. The mask goes on like any sheet mask, but it frames to your entire face much easier because it is a jelly mask. This mask is an amazing quick fix to irritated skin, and will leave your skin soft and smooth after only 1-2 uses.

Lush Cosmetics: BB Seaweed

While Lush products are EXTREMELY overpriced. Their face masks are worth every penny spent. The only time a face mask from lush didn’t work with my skin, it was because of my recently discovered mint allergy. BB Seaweed is the perfect mask to sooth your skin after a stressful week, or to help revive it after wearing heavy amounts of makeup. I use this mask after all of my cheer competitions to prevent breakouts and acne.

Sephora Collection: Clay Mask: Green

While Lush masks are amazing, they can be really expensive and as a high school student with a minimum wage job, I can’t always afford lush masks. So when I can’t get a lush mask, I always go to Sephora and get their clay masks. The green clay mask is meant to purify your skin and minimize pores. While my pores are naturally very small so I cannot vouch if it actually makes your pores smaller, I can say it purifies your skin and makes it nice and soft.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post! I am so sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I just have not had anything to post lately!

June Playlist

Hello everyone! I am trying something completely new this month, I am making a monthly playlist! I have no idea if I will do this every month but it seemed really fun to try this month. I hope you all enjoy!

Good Girls Go Bad- Cobra Starship: This song is super upbeat and perfect to jam out in your room while singing to your bet, or belting the lyrics with your friends in the car, this song is really special to me because my freshman year, my cheer team would sing this song on bus rides to games and competitions.

Location- Khalid: Since I live in Chicago, and my birthday is August 3rd, Lolla is the best four days of my year (If you don´t know what Lolla is, it is a 4 day long music festival in Grant Park) So of course to get ready, I´ve been jamming out on my playlist filled with Khalid, Tyler The Creator, and Vampire Weekend.

Oxford Comma- Vampire Weekend: Anyone who REALLY knows me knows that Vampire Weekend is my all time favorite band, right next to U2. This song makes me smile whenever it comes up on my playlist, no matter what. I am finally getting the chance to see them this summer and I could not be more excited.

I am so sorry that this is short! I hope you all enjoy!

Why you need to hear the things you don’t want to hear.

down angle photography of red clouds and blue sky
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

Everyone hates being criticized, you can try and say “no I understand it! I’m perfectly fine with it!” but we all know you hate it. It is the worst feeling in the world for someone to point out a flaw.  This is why I think that we need to hear these things.

We are constantly attempting to improve and grow. It is what we strive for in our lives. If we stay in the same spot our entire life, we will be dissatisfied with our journey. I believe that to grow as humans, we must face our flaws and attempt to fix them..

I think the reason we get so upset when someone tells us our flaws is because those are our friends. They are our mentors, people we look up to. We don’t want them to think poorly of us or look down on us. What we don’t understand is that they are really only trying to help us out, not tear us down.

Another reason might be the fact we don’t being face to face with our flaws. I know from personal experience that I am embarrassed whenever someone tells me I am being loud or annoying. Someone pointing out that I am screaming when we are in a quiet room will only help me, even if I don’t want to be faced with that flaw.

Even though we all hate it, sometimes you need to hear the negative about yourself, or else you might never learn to grow.


Not so cute self care tips

img_0793All over social media, we see these cute tips how to help yourself. They say things like “Wear a face mask” or “Make yourself some yummy avocado toast”. While these things are nice, they don’t truly help someone who is struggling. Here are some not so cute tips.

  1.  Take a shower, you don’t need to use fancy shower gels or a bath bomb. You just need to use some basic soap and whatever shampoo and conditioner you have in your bathroom. It makes you feel so much better.
  2. Change your clothes, trust me. Wearing the same clothes for 3-5 days straight makes you feel absolutely horrible. You don’t need to put on anything special, just change into whatever you feel comfortable in.
  3. Brush your teeth, if your breath smells, then you won’t want to do anything. It takes three minutes to get up, and brush your teeth. It’s a good first step to going out and doing something.
  4. Clean up your room. You do not need to organize everything and make it look pretty. Just pick up your clothes from the floor. You will feel organized and refreshed afterwards.
  5. Eat some food. I like to eat toast with peanut butter and honey when I am feeling upset. But anything works! Just eating something small will make you feel less horrible and happier.

I hope you all enjoy my tips!! These are not meant to be cute, they are meant to help you if you are drowning.

Why diets don’t truly help your health

img_0060Diets, are everywhere. Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are filled with people trying new “fit teas” and “Under 1000 Calories a Day” diets. But is losing weight fast really worth it?

What many people don’t realize is, that these diets might make them look skinny, but they are ruining their body. Your stomach won’t be able to properly digest food, and you lose out on many vital vitamins that your body needs to survive.

Many people don’t understand that just eating healthy food along with exercising regularly will lead to a healthy lifestyle. That might not mean losing 10 pounds in one week, but overtime you will lose unneeded fat and gain a faster metabolism.

As someone who has tried dieting, the only thing it does is make you feel horrible. The last time I tried to go on a diet, I couldn’t sleep, I kept getting sick, and my grades slipped.

While those 10 pounds may seem worth it, at the end of the day, your health matters much more.

How to be positive in all of the negativity

road in city during sunset
Photo by Nout Gons on Pexels.com

Look on the news, all you see is death, war, poverty, and terror. Our world is filled with horrible things, and yet, we are expected to stay positive through it all. On top of what’s going on around us, we also have to deal with our own lives, and lets face it, High School is not the happiest place on Earth. Here are some of the ways I stay positive, even when it feels like life is throwing me to the ground.

Being happy and being positive are extremely different things, while being happy is a long-term goal. Sometimes happiness seems very far away. I like to look at the little moments that make everything seem better. This makes me think, that soon, those little moments will be what my life consists of!

Another thing I like to do is make lists. I normally make them at the start of each month, filled with things I am looking forward too! Once the month is over, I look back on the list and think about how lucky I am to be able to do those things.

Finally, I like to open my eyes and look at the people around me. While your friend “group” may take you for granted, or you feel like nobody understands you. I can promise that there is someone who loves and cares about you. Focus your attention on the people who love you, not the people who bring you down.